The Law Offices of Audi Flemmings, P.A., Quality Legal Representation, For Immigrants, By Immigrants.

We are a full-service Immigration Law firm, located in Brooklyn, New York, accepting and advocating for clients nationwide.

This firm is committed to providing our clients with personalized service and zealous legal representation. We represent clients before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Executive Office of Immigration Review, Board of Immigration Appeals, and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

Audi Flemmings, P.A., prides itself on developing genuine connections with our clients and providing professional and reliable immigration law services.  We translate complex legal issues into language that you can easily understand.  It is our commitment and duty to ensure that our clients fully comprehend the implications of their legal situation and provide the best course of action based on individual need.  Treating you with respect, at Audi Flemmings P.A., we work diligently to help our clients in every way possible.

When legal counsel is necessary for a major, life-impacting decision, you deserve an attorney who will listen to your concerns.  At Audi Flemmings, P.A., our main goal is to provide the best solution for you and your family.



There's no need to handle these difficult matters of law all alone. Get the legal advice, counsel, and representation you need. Contact Audi Flemmings, PA for a consultation. We can help you decide which course of action will serve your best interests.

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